A lot of agents dabble. Real estate for them is a hobby, a pastime. They handle a transaction here or there and call it good. I am not a dabbler—at least not in real estate. In boating, perhaps, but real estate never.


For me, real estate is a full-time job. I handle multiple transactions each month, which means I know what’s going on in the market at all times. I know the fundamentals of real estate.  I know the business. And, given that I’m doing multiple transactions every month, my negotiation skills are sharp.


Why work with me?


I’ve been where you’ve been

I know, you’re sitting in the front seat of some agent’s car wondering how you’ll survive four more hours. As I see it, if we’re going to spend a few weeks together and develop a Realtor relationship, we might as well get along. Which is why when we’re not discussing the best neighborhoods for commuting around Seattle, we might be talking about the boating season on Lake Union, the state of the tech market or where to find the best fresh powder this winter.


But that’s all fun. I’m also going to be talking about how your new purchase can also serve as an investment. You see, I’ve been where you are. And now, as an investor and an owner, I have the expertise to see the business side of every real estate investment. I understand the analytics and I want you to understand them, too. So, yes, we’ll have fun—there’s no reason to spend an entire Saturday wishing you could pull your own teeth out—but along the way I hope we’ll learn something from each other, too.


How I work

I got into this business because I saw a need for good agents who could follow through. I follow through. Best of all, years of working in the tech industry has made me savvy to doing business efficiently. I incorporate technology into my practice. You want all your paperwork sent electronically? No problem. Want the tools to manage your own search? I’ll give them to you. Bottom line is I work the way you work, which makes things easy.


On negotiation

Whether you’re a buyer or a seller, my goal is to represent your best interests. I want my buyers to get the best deal on their new home; I want my sellers to get the most money for their property in the least amount of time. And, because I only represent one client in each transaction—never the buyer and the seller in the same transaction—my clients know that I’m looking out for their best interests.



Why Hire Me?

This is my profession: I’m a full-time Seattle Realtor who handles multiple transactions every month. I have years of experience successfully buying and selling homes in the local market. And, I’m a real estate investor myself.

Negotiation skills: I consistently find and negotiate the best deals for my clients. I can show you that I regularly beat the averages by a noticeable percentage.

Excellent follow through—I’ll even be at the escrow office with you.

Ability to work as you do: Not only will you have access to me by e-mail, text messaging and cell phone, I leverage new technology in all aspects of my business.

Local knowledge: I know the neighborhoods, the traffic patterns, the market conditions, and the local economy.  I know the restaurants and shops.

I'll do the leg work, keeping you up-to-date with new listings and conditions as they impact the market.

You’ll have access to my vendor team — from mortgage brokers to inspectors to home repair professionals, I have the connections to get you’re the best possible deal.

You'll be my only client in the real estate transaction.

I'll guide you through the complexities of buying and/or selling a house, eliminating hassles and stress.

I won't waste your time: When an offer is made, I'll require acceptance or a counter offer within 24 to 48 hours.